Since ancient times, yogurt made from sheep milk is associated with longevity and health. It has more proteins and albumins than yogurt made from cow milk, it is a rich source of calcium (critically important for preventing osteoporosis), and is one of the safest foods since its acidic PH does not allow the development of pathogenic micro-organisms. But what makes yogurt an invaluable source of nourishment is the natural fermentation that provides it with enzymes ("bakili") which are necessary for the proper functioning of the human organism.
Apart from yogurt, STANI produces rice puddings, cream puddings, "loucoumades" (Greek honey dumplings), and pastries, all of which meet with the unqualified approval of our Greek and international customers. It is of no coincidence that - out of the 1600 traditional dairy-product stores operated in Athens, Piraeus and the other towns and villages of the district of Attica, during the 60s and 70s - STANI is almost the only such business still operating today…
In 2005, STANI was totally revamped and modernized, in tandem with stricter health regulations, maintaining however the character of a traditional dairy-products patisserie.

The secret behind the longevity of our business is a combination of factors:

  • Raw materials and ingredients directly from small producers who love their jobs and avoid easy solutions (like the so-called "economies of scale") that could increase capacity at the cost of lower quality.

  • Personal contact with the aforementioned suppliers, in order to tackle the root cause of any problem immediately.

  • Obsession with our product quality and freshness, which we have never compromised for the sake of making the production process easier or "economically more effective".

  • Traditional recipes that are passed from one generation to the next.

  • With high respect to our customers, we recognize the value of any money they decide to spend in our store, and we thus persist in offering the best possible quality/price ratio at all time.

Our Products...
Traditional sheep-milk yogurt with honey
and walnuts.
Loucoumades" (Greek honey dumplings)
Rice pudding
Galactoboureko: Traditional custard pie
Kataifi (shredded wheat wrapped around a core of nuts and soaked in sugar or honey)
Almond cream pie
Chocolate dessert
"Little Mouce" dessert
Mixed dessert
Village cheese pie
Milk cream with honey.
Dairy Products
Traditional pastries
Continental pastries
Village spinach pie
Bougatsa (Custard pie)
Butter with honey
Cheese pie "kourou"
Wallnut pie
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Athens, Greece.
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